Bachelorette Crafts

As I prepared for my friend’s bachelorette in Savannah, I got a bit carried away with planning thanks to Pinterest and Etsy. Once I had a theme and color scheme in mind, it took a substantial amount of willpower not to spend all my money on knick-knacks, games, and crafting supplies. 

Keeping track of everything on a list in Google Drive helped me stay organized and on track so that I maintained a budget and didn’t over-order any supplies. 

The end result? I was quite happy with it and - most importantly - so was the bride. 

I was going to make chalkboard mason jars from scratch, but when I calculated the cost for supplies and time, I realized that Bed, Bath, and Beyond had a much simpler option: purchase these jars ($9.99 for a set of 4), use a permanent chalk marker from Target to personalize them, and add some pretty paper straws and pink ribbon found at Michael’s to tie it all back to the theme. Voila! 

The jars and the Bachelorette Survival Guides took the most time to create, but both were fairly simple projects. I ordered the satchels from a shop on Etsy and then ordered some individual packets of Advil, Orbit gum, and make-up removing cloths from Amazon. To fill up the bags, I gave each girl an airplane bottle of her favorite liquor, some hair ties and bachelorette-themed pins, and LipSmackers lip balm. 

The last big element were our matching t-shirts, which I loved having as we walked around Savannah. It led to a lot of great conversations with locals and other tourists who chatted with Jamie about her upcoming wedding. On the front of the shirts, we had a big engagement ring and then the back read “Kissing the single life goodbye!” 

Thanks to Etsy, I was able to put together some really cute, fun favors for the girls at a relatively low cost. I love the way everything came together under the theme of “Kissing the single life goodbye!” 

Bachelorette Getaway in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is rich with southern charm, and it made for a perfect bachelorette weekend celebrating a dear friend who I’ve known for 27 years. We arrived late Friday and spent all day Saturday exploring this beautiful, walkable city. 

From lush oaks adorned with tufts of hanging moss and the bright azaleas blooming along every cobblestone sidewalk, this small town’s natural beauty had us all deciding we would be retiring here one day. 

Our bride, Jamie, loves being outdoors and enjoys spending time in parks. With this in mind, we left our apartment, which was right in the heart of the Historic District, and walked up Barnard Street through all the quaint squares toward the renowned Forsyth Park.  After exploring the park, we ventured back down toward the water by wandering along Bull Street. 

The stunning architecture ensured we all had our phones out, ready to capture images of our “dream” homes. We weren’t the only ones - we learned from a friendly Savannah local that Jennifer Garnier and Ben Affleck had been in the neighborhood the day before, looking for a house to purchase. 

When we neared the water, we realized why Savannah is also known as a shopping destination: the streets are lined with lovely, locally-owned boutiques selling everything from clothes to antiques to honey. 

The early hour and our growling stomachs prevented us from popping into any stores right then, but we made mental notes of the ones we wanted to visit later in the day. To pass the time, we grabbed coffee and quiche from The Coffee Fox, a cool little spot on Broughton Street serving up craft coffee in a hipster-cool setting.  

We walked outside and realized The Paris Market was right across the street. This was the one store I had been told numerous times I “had to go to” so I convinced the girls we should venture over. With a kitchsy style that plays into a number of themes, this two-story establishment provided us with substantial entertainment as we ogled the various decor and displays. 

After almost an hour, we forced ourselves to leave and head to some other famous shops. We ducked into The Savannah Bee Company to sample honey, only to discover a $5 mead tasting in the back of the shop. Despite the early hour, we decided we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to taste some mead - we were on a bachelorette weekend so we felt we had a good excuse. I can’t say enough good things about the experience, which probably stemmed from our amazing guide with fiery red hair and a honeycomb necklace whose passion for the mead, honeybees, and the company shined through her entire delivery. 

We also learned that the term “honeymoon” originated from “honey mead,” making it only that more appropriate we did the tasting while celebrating Jamie’s upcoming wedding! You can read the full history here

Our day continued with more shopping (highly recommend Villa Savannah and Terra Cotta for cute and reasonably priced clothing and home decor), eating on a deck overlooking the river, and treading ourselves to famous ice cream at Leopold’s that lived up to its hype (if you go, try the Chocolate Chewies and Cream flavor - delicious!). 

Fairly exhausted after our explorations, we ventured back to our apartment (rented via to take power naps before heading to Vic’s on the River for dinner and a night of bar hopping (though not much hopping was had as we had such a good time at Rocks on the Roof that we ended up staying most of the night). 

Needless to say, we had an amazing time in Savannah. It’s a great spot for a bachelorette as there are plenty of activities to occupy your time during the day, great food & drinks, and a lively nightlife. I can’t wait to go back!